Chants for Socialists in 2015

I was a teenage Hefner fan and am looking forward to the release of singer Darren Hayman’s new project: setting the lyrics of William Morris’ pamphlet ‘Chants for Socialists’ to music. The clip above shows how enmeshed this album is with Morris’ legacy: recording vocals at Kelmscott House and Kelmscott Manor, using Morris’ letterpress to print LP sleeves, and recording Morris’ piano at Kelmscott Manor.

It also aims to link to the present, as Hayman explains in the video’s blurb:

I saw these as ‘emergency’ protest songs, something to draw on in times of strife. I think we are in troubled times. I regard these as useful lyrics. Morris grouped these songs under a banner of socialism and I class myself as a socialist, but these songs, to me, are more about simple kindness and hope. I acknowledge the naivety and rhetoric in these words. They offer few practical solutions for today, but I love their simplicity. They make me feel young again. They remind of the hope I had in the Red Wedge movement, and how politicised I was around the 1984 miner’s strike.

He also invited local singers from Walthamstow to contribute vocals.

‘Chants for Socialists’ has a blog here, and will be released 2 Feb by and